Driving Miss Daisy Milton Keynes West

Joseph and Zoe Kizenga

We are Joseph and Zoe Kizenga,

We have lived in Milton Keynes for more than ten years; with our four beautiful children and have been married for 17 years. Before Driving Miss Daisy, I worked as a taxi driver, and Zoe used her degree in Health And Social Care Management to work as a support worker.

Here is our short story of how we came across Driving Miss Daisy:

In December 2016; I collected a customer who’d been discharged from the hospital and took him home. When we arrived, I realised he was weak and incapable of doing anything independently. I tried to help him to open the door. Unfortunately, his house was flooded with no gas and electricity and not well-kept. I decided to call the police so that they could contact his social worker as I was overly concerned.

When I finished my shift, I went home and talked to Zoe about it. As a student and person working in care, she was naturally concerned. From that day on, we started planning how to create something that would combine my experience as a taxi driver and Zoe’s knowledge and expertise to help people who need a little bit of extra help. In 2020, after Zoe graduated, we discovered Driving Miss Daisy, and we thought it was the perfect match for what we were looking for; it would allow us to work as a team but remain in our fields. We couldn’t wait! We signed up for the franchise, and now we are proud owners of Driving Miss Daisy Milton Keynes West. And we are here to help as we are family when family can’t be there!