Stratford on Avon Welcomes Driving Miss Daisy

Paul Tuszynski, Driving Miss Daisy Stratford in a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Stratford on Avon has just welcomed a new driving and companion service owned by franchise owner Paul Tuszynski. The service offers a unique solution for those who require transportation but no longer drive themselves. With an emphasis on safety, comfort, and convenience, the driving companion service is set to revolutionize how people with accessible requirements travel.

What sets this service apart from traditional taxi services is the companion service; more than a taxi service, Paul will help clients in their homes, whether it’s assisting with their coats or making them a cup of tea when they return home, he will ensure they feel safe and comfortable at all times.

The new franchise owner, Paul Tuszynski, is excited to bring this innovative service to Stratford on Avon. “We are committed to providing a safe, reliable, and affordable driving companion service to the people of Stratford on Avon,” he said. “We aim to make transportation accessible to everyone, regardless of age or mobility.”

Overall, the new driving companion service is a welcome addition to the transportation landscape in Stratford on Avon. Focusing on safety, comfort, and affordability, it promises to provide a much-needed service to those who require transportation but cannot drive themselves. If you need transportation, be sure to give this new service a try!

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Companion driver from driving miss daisy stratford on avon.

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