Patient Transport Services

Patient Transport. A patient being pushed into the back of a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
Patient Transport. A patient standing next to a drivingmiss daisy patient transport vehicle.
A companion driver providing patient transport to a patient in a wheelchair.

Driving Miss Daisy is proud to announce that our Hospital-To-Home service for patient discharge is now available to everyone who needs it. Since October 2022, our team of specialist companion drivers have successfully transported discharged patients from Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham and helped them settle into their homes, which has been proven to significantly reduce the number of delayed and failed discharges and the number of patients being readmitted for non-medical reasons. We remain committed to providing this essential service and supporting patients, particularly the older generations who may not have family around them.

We have demonstrated that when the patient is placed at the centre of the discharge process, and all the steps are built around their needs, the discharge process is significantly accelerated. This approach enables patients to return home and settle in compassionately and cost-effectively. Greg Blezard – CEO, Driving Miss Daisy

We understand that only some patients are eligible for free patient transport. Still, we believe that all patients should have access to a service that enables them to get home safely and quickly, with the option of additional support in the home if required; this includes, but isn’t limited to, a welcome home pack with essential groceries and follow-up calls to ensure patients are happy and have everything they need.

As we see a reduction in the number of patients eligible for patient transport through the NHS, we are offering the valuable Driving Miss Daisy service at a reduced rate to all patients who do not have access to free transport. The DMD Patient Transport service ensures that those without an alternative mode of transportation can leave the hospital after being discharged without waiting for extended periods.

Learn more about the Driving Miss Daisy Patient Transport Service by callingĀ 03330146211 or by emailing

A Patient Transport in Driving Miss Daisy unifrom standing next to a wheelchair accessible vehicle with a client in the back.
Hospital to home driver in driving miss daisy uniform standing next to a discharge patient

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