What is Integrated Patient Support for the NHS

Our service is designed to support patients throughout their healthcare journey – from the hospital ward, to the comfort of their own home, and beyond. We achieve this with the help of our bespoke software solution, our highly trained staff, and our specially adapted vehicles. We always prioritise the needs of the patient and work closely with NHS Trusts to tackle any issues they may face. Our support doesn’t end with recovery; through the Driving Miss Daisy Community network, we help clients stay healthy, social, and active long after they’ve left the hospital.

How Can the Integrated Patient Support Benefit My Trust?

A driving miss daisy companion driver, with an NHS patient in the discharge ward.

Reductions in Failed and Delayed Discharges

The Integrated Patient Support Service is not target-driven, which allows time for companion drivers to assist patients into the home and give them the support they need, this could be picking up essential groceries, making sure the home setting is safe and warm, or waiting for the care package to arrive. Without this extra time and compassion, the patient may be returned to the hospital as a failed discharge, to be readmitted at an additional cost to the Trust. Delayed discharges are reduced, and the service allows the patients who are ready to go home, after 4 pm, to still be discharged. Resulting in a reduction in costs to the Trust, as the patient will not need an extra night in hospital. Companion Drivers can assist with the delivery of TTOs later if medication is delaying the patient leaving the hospital.

Prevention Of Non-Medical Readmissions

Ensuring that patients have a warm, safe and well-provisioned home can greatly reduce the chances of them being readmitted to the hospital for non-medical reasons. It is also important to check up on vulnerable patients who have recently been discharged. This not only helps the patients, but also provides a cost benefit to the hospital trust. We have a network of community Companion Drivers who can check in on recovering patients at home. Many of these patients end up becoming clients of the Driving Miss Daisy service, which promotes an active, sociable and healthy lifestyle.

A Driving Miss Daisy companion with a client in their home.
Pacific Edge, Bespoke scheduling software

Dynamic Scheduling Software

Our innovative software solution, Pacific Edge, has been specifically designed to streamline patient discharge processes within the hospital trusts. With Pacific Edge, trusts can efficiently schedule patient discharges as son as they are medically cleared, facilitiating a seamless transition for patients returning home. Our system enables companion drivers to pick up patients directly from the ward, minimising wait times and ensuring a smooth handover process. Additionally, Pacific Edge empowers ward staff to easily make changes to pick up times as needed, without causing confusion or delays to other patients. This level of flexibility and efficiency not only enhances the overall patient experience but also contributes to improved operational efficiency within the trust.

Patient Contribution Refunded To the Trust

We recognise the importance of ensuring that all patients are able to safely and comfortably return home after their hospital stay. While free patient transport may not be available to all patients, our Integrated Patient Support Service offers a solution that benefits the hospital trust financially. By including a patient contribution from those not eligible for free transport, we are able to provide a cost-effective service that ultimately refunds the hospital for their support.

A driving miss daisy compnaion driver wheeling a patient into a wheelchair accessible vehicle

How Can We Help You?



Patient Transport Services

Driving Miss Daisy Patient Transport is a new direct service now available for patients who are not eligble for free patient transport through the NHS.  We believe all patients should have access to a transport service that enables them to get home promptly from the hospital or to the hospital when referred by their GP.

Not only that, but the service also offers additional support in the home if required, including shopping for essential groceries and ensuring the home environment is warm, comfortable and the patient is settled before leaving. We understand that your needs may go beyond just transportation, and we are here to help.

At Driving Miss Daisy, we also offer an optional follow-up call service to check in on patients in their homes. We aim to provide a complete package that enables patients to get home and remain there.

If you are struggling to book patient transport, Driving Miss Daisy offers a valuable service to patients who don’t have access to free transportation, at an affordable price. We go beyond just getting you to and from your medical appointment. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Non-Emergency Patient Transport

Driving Miss Daisy collaborates closely with regional ambulance trusts to provide dependable and cost-efficient Non-Emergency Patient transport (NEPT).

Our drivers are extensively trained, patient, friendly and compassionate.



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