Driving Miss Daisy® understands that the rise in waiting times for NHS medical appointments has increased the importance of attending them. That's why we are dedicated to helping patients get to and from the hospital and medical surgeries easily, comfortably and on time.

Patient Transport Services

Driving Miss Daisy Patient Transport is a new direct service now available for patients who are not eligble for free patient transport through the NHS.  We believe all patients should have access to a transport service that enables them to get home promptly from the hospital or to the hospital when referred by their GP. 

Not only that, but the service also offers additional support in the home if required, including shopping for essential groceries and ensuring the home environment is warm, comfortable and the patient is settled before leaving. We understand that your needs may go beyond just transportation, and we are here to help.

At Driving Miss Daisy, we also offer an optional follow-up call service to check in on patients in their homes. We aim to provide a complete package that enables patients to get home and remain there. 

If you are struggling to book patient transport, Driving Miss Daisy offers a valuable service to patietns who don’t have access to free transportation, at an affordable price. We go beyond just getting you to and from your medical appointment. We are here to support you every step of the way. 

Integrated Patient Discharge for the NHS

Driving Miss Daisy provides a tried and tested, sustainable discharge service to the NHS. The scalable solution can significantly reduce costs to the NHS, ensure patients are discharged safely and efficiently and put control into the hands of the hospital wards. 

We are providing an opportunity to hospital trusts, interested in improving their patient discharge process and staff efficiency to participate in a pilot scheme. The pilot aims to identify the challenges in the discharge process and provide tailored solutions to streamline patient flow, leading to improved patient outcomes and helping trusts meet their targets.

A companion driver providing patient transport to a patient in a wheelchair.


Drivers being exclusively assigned to the hospital allows them to get to the wards faster, reducing patient waiting times. Our bespoke software system, Pacific Edge, enables ward staff to book discharges directly.

A patient transport driver wearing Driving Miss Daisy uniform stands with a wheelchair accessible patient transport vehicle.


A fleet of specially adapted wheel-chair accessible vehicles is used to transport discharged patients home comfortably and without delay.

patient transport driver in driving miss daisy uniform standing next to a discharge patient


We help individuals settle in at home and remain with them until their family or care team arrives. Our team can also collect and deliver essentials and support with Primary Care and recovery if required.

A companion driver in driving miss daisy uniform taking a client shopping for essential groceries


The patients we take home from the hospital often become clients of the community service Driving Miss Daisy offers, which helps service users stay healthy and remain independent, reducing their chances of hospital readmission.

Non-Emergency Patient Transport

Driving Miss Daisy also works closely with regional ambulance trusts, delivering reliable, cost-effective, non-emergency patient transport (NEPT). Our drivers are highly trained, patient, friendly and compassionate.


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