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Diane Morton

Areas Covered: Gravesham District

Meet Diane, a qualified nurse, who has dedicated many years to serving the Gravesham community. As Diane approached retirement, she was determined to maintain her strong connection with the local area. With her extensive experience and firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by her family and friends, she discovered “Driving Miss Daisy,” which perfectly aligned with her desire to continue supporting the community. Recognizing its potential to address unmet needs, she decided this was the perfect opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

The ethos, values, and opportunities provided by Driving Miss Daisy are far-reaching, especially for those with transport needs. Diane’s passion lies in reducing social isolation and improving mental health, making companionship a key aspect of our service. Whether it’s helping someone get to a GP appointment on time or attend a wedding, giving them the chance to get out and about is invaluable for them and incredibly rewarding for us. With a relaible wheelchair-accessible vehicle, Driving Miss Daisy Gravesham ensures that everyone, regardless of mobility, can benefit from the services. By offering companionship, we can become the family that can’t always be there. It’s the perfect way to make a meaningful difference!

Diane’s vision for Driving Miss Daisy Gravesham is to create a professional, caring service that everyone is proud to use and work for!