We're family when family can't be there

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We Are Your Nationwide Driving and Companion Service

At our core, we believe in providing more than just transportation – we’re dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our clients. Serving people from all walks of life, we go beyond the traditional taxi service to ensure our clients can get out and live their lives to the fullest. Whether it’s attending important medical appointments, running essential errands, or enjoying long-awaited social events, we’re here to help. 

We’re family when family can’t be there.

If you or a loved one needs extra support with day-today activities, our compassionate service offers both independence and peace of mind. Let us be there when you need us most.

Empowering Independence Beyond Transportation

We offer more than just a wheelchair taxi service—we empower people to stay active and independent. Our companionship service helps combat isolation and loneliness by fostering social interaction both in and out of the home. We provide a supportive presence, a listening ear, a shopping companion, and added reassurance every step of the way.
A companion driver in a Driving Miss Daisy uniform sitting with a client on the beach.

Reliable Accessible Transportation

Our unique companion and driving service operates throughout the UK, tailored to meet the individual needs of each customer. Our assisted vehicles can be configured for passengers to travel comfortably in a wheelchair. Whether you’re planning a bespoke day out or need assistance with everyday travel, find your nearest service and plan your perfect trip with us.
A young client of driving miss daisy, sat in a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Supporting Individuals of All Ages

Our service is available for people of all ages and abilities. Our nationwide teams are dedicated to empowering young individuals, helping them build the confidence to attend school, college, or work. We take pride in accompanying them on school trips or to day centres, and we act as trusted chaperones at social events to help reduce anxiety. Let us be a part of your journey, providing the support and companionship you need to thrive.


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