Our Story

A number of years ago Melanie Harper started driving her Aunt Trish to appointments in New Zealand. Trish no longer drove herself and enjoyed the companionship of Melanie driving her to appointments. After a while Melanie and her husband Jack started thinking about providing the service on a wider scale.


Whilst researching the business idea, Melanie and Jack discovered a Canadian business, also called Driving Miss Daisy®, owned by Bev Halisky. The original Driving Miss Daisy® commenced operation in 2002 in Alberta, Canada. It began with a single vehicle with the proprietor’s intention to provide a meaningful and rewarding service to seniors in the St. Albert, Alberta area but due to overwhelming demand and interest in this service, the proprietor developed a franchise prospectus and began selling franchises.

Driving Miss Daisy Canada now has numerous operational franchises throughout Alberta and BC, and is just starting to launch into Ontario.

In 2008 Jack and Melanie heard about the Canadian franchise and spent many months researching the business.  They were so sure of the opportunity that they visited the Canadian franchise to see for themselves how it worked. This convinced them to launch Driving Miss Daisy NZ Ltd.

Driving Miss Daisy NZ Ltd was incorporated on 3rd November 2008 and now has franchises operating in most main centres across New Zealand. Driving Miss Daisy United Kingdom and Driving Miss Daisy Australia are the launching platforms for Driving Miss Daisy International as of July 2014.