Driving Miss Daisy changes lives by allowing people to live the life they choose, the best way they can. Our service enables people to stay mobile and independent and we are a trusted companion service to children and adults alike. We are often described as being family when family can’t be there.

Read some of our heart-warming stories.

“I can’t recommend Driving Miss Daisy highly enough. My parents are elderly and my Mum walks with difficulty and a lot of pain. Because of this, at my Son’s wedding last week we needed a rolator, crutches and a wheel chair. Joanne didn’t bat an eyelid. Everything went in the back of the car with ease. My parents were delivered on time and picked up on time. They were made to feel really comfortable. Joanne is a lovely, calm, thoughtful, smiley lady. For my parents to be happy to use her again is praise indeed. It takes a lot for my Mum to feel at ease nowadays – and I felt very confident leaving Mum in Joanne’s care. Thank you Joanne.”

Bob was ever so grateful to be able to attend his Grandson’s wedding. It has been very difficult to get about as he has been in a rehabilitation centre for a month and only just got home the week before the wedding. He has no feeling in his right leg and very little control over it, and he has to use a walker and lots of hands on help to get out of the house and into his wheelchair. In his words “I don’t know what we’d have done without you (Esther)”. It was a lovely day for them and I enjoyed it too!

A big thank you to Charlie, Driving Miss Daisy Exeter, for taking me on a lovely little trip out to a garden centre. I need to have things done a certain way, and he was more than obliging. Terrific service, thank you!”

Contact made through a networking event led to a rare outing for husband and wife. Husband lives in a nursing home and lives with dementia, whilst the wife still lives at home, albeit with mobility issues, requiring a mobility scooter.
The wife wanted to take her husband for an outing outside of the normal routine of the home, so we collected her from home, then him from the nursing home and took them to Whitehall Garden Centre for lunch and a browse. They enjoyed their trip so much and when I spoke to Mrs L that evening she was just gushing about what a fantastic day she had had, to spend time with her husband away from the home. She was thrilled that he was able to put his hands through a waterfall, smell candles, touch and smell the plants and how he enjoyed his lunch of fishcakes. “It is wonderful to have such a caring, professional service available to me. Today couldn’t have happened without Driving Miss Daisy”. They had not been out together in over a year and she is now busy planning her next outing.

I (Elaine, Client Services Centre) have just taken a lovely call from a lady. She called to say “Thank You”. You took her to the hearing aid clinic and when you arrived it was pouring with rain, but you got an umbrella out to make sure she stayed dry, and stayed with her while she waited to be seen. Then you took her home again and made sure she got back indoors safe and sound. She said it was a pleasure to meet you and will be giving your number out to people at her club and other places she visits.

Well what an eventful day today has been , firstly picking the ladies up from their cruise at Southampton Docks , England this morning and then home in time to take two more lovely ladies to a special wedding at the Fox Inn Stourton.

This is how one of our Daisies describes their ‘job’:

“People ask so what do you do as a daisy, transporting and providing a companion service doesn’t quite cut it ……..
There’s an Evening Gazette bought for the lady who doesn’t always remember on her way home …..
There’s the slice of cake that is a known favourite of one customer that gets delivered if Daisy has passed Cherry Hill Nurseries……..
There’s the text to make sure a lady is coping post op………
Talking to one lady about her dementia. Listening. Understanding. Hearing her. Hearing fears and dreams, hearing her determination to live, live, live …….
Settling someone back in their home, slippers on, kettle on – winner……
Knowing you’ve made a difference when someone you’ve met is leaving their home for the first time in over a year because you can provide the service they need……..
Families trusting you with their loved ones, knowing you’ll go the extra mile…….
Being part of so many lives, being a confidant, an advisor, a listener without even realising it.

My ‘work’ makes me smile. I am making a difference.”