Driving Miss Daisy®'s wedding service

Driving Miss Daisy®’s Wedding Service

Driving Miss Daisy®’s wedding service ensures everyone attends the special event. A wedding is a time for togetherness and special memories. If there is a friend or relative that needs assistance getting there, we can help. Often this is an elderly relative, who would love to go, but they may have mobility issues. For example, they may be in a wheelchair or require transport from a care home. Likewise, they often want to leave after the wedding breakfast but before the evening music starts. Our service is tailored to their needs; and it doesn’t need a guest to be a designated driver.

We can also stay with relatives at the event to assist and help if required. This allows everyone to enjoy the event and not be concerned about the relative being potentially left on their own.
Our service helps the families and wedding organisers, but it especially works for the people we drive. No stress, they can leave when they want to go rather than relying on another member of the wedding party, and have company if they want it.

Driving Miss Daisy®'s wedding service

Driving Miss Daisy®’s wedding service


Driving Miss Daisy’s Wedding Service from Driving Miss Daisy UK .