Sally Harker

I am a Physiotherapist working in a Private Practice. Driving for Miss Daisy is often used by our clients.

Many clients are not able to drive: those seriously injured, the aged, school children and those who choose not to.

Since Miss Daisy has been in our community I have had many positive comments made to me on how good this service is, how it helps clients in need, and gives peace of mind to families who often don’t live locally and can’t drive them to treatments.

I have seen the staff go the “extra mile” making the trip easy for the client. They may, if necessary, phone the clients to remind them of an appointment pick up, help the elderly from their rooms into the car, see them into the Practice, then safely to their homes on return. Being collected seems streamlined and with minimal waiting required.

Well done to Driving for Miss Daisy, you are well valued in our community and provide a great service.