Daisy Day Out

“Driving Miss Daisy Has Changed Our Lives”

November 30, 2021
A group of friends aged between 70 and 90, standing next to a blue vehicle with a decal of large white daisy with a yellow heart at its centre.

Driving Miss Daisy is more than a taxi, our companion drivers empower people to live their lives to the full, regardless of their age or mobility. Gill lives in Windsor, and her partner Julian lives on the South Coast. Both, nearly in their 90s, no longer drive. ‘We no longer drive, but we still want to spend time with each other, nor did we want to stop socialising; therefore, we wanted to treat two old friends to a pub lunch in the country’. Gill contacted Driving Miss Daisy Solent, the closest team to Julian, who relies on walking aids to get around,  and booked a driver from 9:30 am until 6:00 pm; they intended to have a full day of fun. Gill stated ‘Every minute was a delight.’

A gentleman in his late 80s or early 90s is standing with the help of walking sticks, with a woman in her early 60s. They are both standing in front of a blue Driving Miss Daisy vehicle with a large decal of a white daisy with a yellow heart at it's centre.

Companion driver Davina collected Julian and Gill in the distinctive blue Daisy car, which is designed to be easily accessible for passengers who struggle with mobility. They travelled to Berkshire, where they joined their friends. ‘Davina was the perfect chauffeur for our big adventure, ever smiley, ever kind with a gentle sense of humour.‘ Above all, the group of friends spent the afternoon having a wonderful chat and catching up on each other’s lives. Eventually, it was time to leave, and Davina drove Gill and Julian back to their homes; ensuring everyone was safe and comfortable before she departed. ‘Driving Miss Daisy has changed our lives; thank you for a memorably happy day! We have already planned our next big adventure.’

Click here to find your nearest Driving Miss Daisy team and start planning your next big trip. Our teams offer assisted transport for all ages and abilities.



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A redheaded women in a blue Driving Miss Daisy uniform, is smiling as she leans on a blue Driving Miss DAisy Car with a large decal of a daisy with a yellow heart at it's centre.


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A female companion driver is standing next to a Driving Miss Daisy vehicle. The vehicle is blue with a large decal of a white daisy with a yellow heart at its centre.


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