What We Do

Our passion is to empower people to get out and about, socialise and enjoy all that life has to offer. We do this through a combination of companionship and assisted transportation.

Our services are defined below though, in essence, we tailor each and every journey or companionship experience to the individual. Catering for special needs, learning or physical disabilities, health or medical issues, or simply those who need a little extra compassion and time to do what they want at their own pace.

Our teams are located throughout the UK and our Companion Drivers are licenced, trained, compassionate and reliable. Companion Drivers and vehicles all meet the strict NHS Covid-19 protocols and PPE can be given to clients who can’t provide their own.

Accessible Holidays, Outings and Tours

Going on holiday needs to be stress free, exciting and comfortable. Driving Miss Daisy is ready to help you plan your holiday travel arrangements and deliver you to your destination with minimum fuss and maximum enjoyment. Wherever you want to go, whether in the UK or abroad, we can tailor your journey to suit your personal requirements, no matter how complex. Our wheelchair adapted vehicles have space to include specialist equipment and your usual luggage.

If you simply fancy visiting a place of interest for a couple of hours or the whole day, alone or with friends, we will help arrange all your travel and companionship needs. Every element is pre-quoted so you know what you will pay before your special day.

Health, Education and Welfare Appointments

If you need to get to regular or one-off health or welfare appointments or to school or college, with a little extra support from trusted Companion Drivers, then Driving Miss Daisy could be exactly what you need. We are fully trained to assist clients who need personalised travel and assistance to access medical appointments. This could include but is not limited to;

  • Dialysis,
  • Oncology,
  • Post-operative or Outpatient appointments

We can also stay for your appointment and take notes so you and your family know exactly what treatment you had or might need in the future.

Parents can be fully reassured our allocated Companion Drivers will be reliable for school/college drop off and pick-ups, they will keep in touch via text messaging and actively build a friendly, caring but professional relationship with your child.

Family Celebrations and Everyday Trips

If you have a special family celebration and would like your Grandparents to attend for example, with Driving Miss Daisy you will have peace of mind they will be discretely supported. We will bring them to the venue on time, stay (if requested) and take care of their needs during the day/evening; then accompany them home when they are ready to leave, having had a fantastic time – whilst leaving you to enjoy the party.

Or we can simply take clients for Everyday trips to the hairdressers, for shopping, garden centres, cafes, day centres and everything in between.

We pride ourselves in offering professional transportation and companionship services ensuring you thoroughly enjoy yourself whilst we take care of the rest.

Companionship at Home or Out and About

Many of our clients book Driving Miss Daisy for companionship at home where our trained and qualified Companions can, for example, offer some light domestic support, make a simple lunch, play board games, read or just be a good companion. We know from experience, having a regular friendly face to visit keeps our clients upbeat and enabling them to stay in their own homes for longer.

If clients would like to take a trip down memory lane, go to their local parks or gardens, places of worship or visit the seaside, our trained and licenced Companion Drivers can collect them, stay with them for extra reassurance and return them safely home with a cup of tea.

We look forward to helping you plan your next adventure!